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Family & Matrimonial Law: Forms

All official court forms for the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch may be found on their website. For more forms or instructions for completing the fillable forms, please go to State of Connecticut, Official Court Forms.

For convenience, we have listed below two important documents with regards to divorce proceedings. These forms may also be picked up at any of the state courthouses.

Adobe ReaderThese documents require Adobe Reader for viewing and/or filling out. If you need Adobe Reader or a more recent version, please click here to download.


Form JD-FM-6: The Financial Affidavit (long), Rev. 1/14 must be completed by everyone who is seeking a divorce. PDF format

Brochure JDP-FM-151: Parenting Education Programs Brochure, Rev. 9/05 contains information for everyone with minor children seeking divorce. All parents of minor children cannot get a divorce until they have taken a parenting education course. This brochure lists locations where classes are available. PDF format

Both of these documents require Adobe Reader. If you need Adobe Reader to view these forms, please click here.


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